Monday, June 30, 2008


My garden lays in ruins. Between the oven-roasting heat and the sneaky chickens and the curious bunnies all that remains is:

2 pumpkin vines, struggling and about half shriveled,

3 yellow/brown tomato plants with 9 wrinkley yellow-orange tomatoes,

1 zombie squash plant, with a lone 1 1/2" squash, about to give up,

and about a baker's dozen 6" tall sunflowers, which were packaged and sold under the impression that they were 'enormous' with 'edible seeds'.

I had about 8 cucumbers that were looking quite promising 1 week ago, but alas....the cottontails found them before I could pick them. Of course, they didn't finish them off. Oh, no, they had to only munch through the center-- the most tender moist part and leave the rest. Pancake enjoyed a mid-day snack of the remains.

Next year, I will be asking our neighbor what seeds he plants that gives such gorgeous sunflowers. His are at least 8 feet tall, with 12" heads. Did I mention mine are 6"? Yes, I did....

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Once again, for a couple months of the year I wonder why it is we live where we do? It's SO hot. Stepping outside after about 9AM is just unpleasant. At least it only lasts a few months, and while it's so hot, there are fewer flies.

I will need to start looking around for a buck to borrow. Sometimes there's a waiting list, and I want to be sure to be on it. ;) Can't be without milk!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Once a day

Because I have been so busy lately, and the goats have been giving much less milk at a time, I am only milking in the morning. Still about a gallon from both...

Heat again.

Cucumbers are taking off, with little baby ones here and there. Lots of blossoms.

Pumpkins blossomed.

The Faith Squash produced a fairly large squash. Dinner tonight! I might try Ratatouille, and we'll watch the movie. ;) That is, if I'm feeling like cooking (which I haven't been).

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Production Drop

Not sure why....but the last two days I have gotten about a gallon/ day from the Girls, vs. the almost 2 gallons/ day of previous weeks. The feed has changed slightly, but I can't believe it would make such a drastic difference. Mostly, it's Belle who's dropped and she was my Gallon Girl. Now, she's at about a quart! Hmmm.....the heat? The slight feed change? Maybe they just know their babies are gone and they are protesting. ;)