Thursday, May 1, 2008

(More) New Arrivals

Looks like we are boarding 2 does here until Monday. SIL bought the sister to our LaMancha, and a 3 year old Nubian, already in milk! Best part is, we drove 45 miles home with a full grown Nubain doe in the back of the van. She did well, though (aside from having to 'relieve' herself a couple times.). The LaMancha was transported by the same means, but it was a much shorter distance. Can you imagine if we had been pulled over???

Our new steer arrived today, also. He looks to be in great shape, albeit slightly scrawny. I am pretty sure we can take care of that, though; he is similar to Cherry and we beefed him up nicely.

Our Yellow Henny Penny successfully hatched two chicks today! There are still 7 eggs in the nest, but I am doubtful if the rest will hatch. They are both feather-footed, and darling.