Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Bye, Feathers

I am not all that attached to any of my animals.  They are not pets to me, but are there to provide me with food of some sort.  This helps a lot when they die for one reason or another; I really don't feel sad about it, especially when I knew all along they were going to be food (such as our beef steers).  

I was surprised to find how....lonely our yard feels since our rooster died.  He got stuck in the goat kid pen and had no water all day.  When I was milking on Sunday morning, I noticed something was really missing.  I realized it was our Silkie rooster, Feathers (named by my DD).  No crowing, no 'calling' the hens, no funny personality around.  I looked all over and found him in the pen.  

Normally, as I said, our animals deaths' don't effect me much.  But I really miss that rooster....