Saturday, April 26, 2008

Baby Food

I got the second cheapest food processor avaliable at Target, with a goal of homemade baby food in mind.

I did a large batch of each: green beans, bananas, and carrots. Serving sizes are frozen in baggies, ready to thaw (just a few minutes, since the size is small) and use! Easy and appetizing-looking!

The 'Herd' Gets a New Look

I checked out a couple 4H LaMancha yearling does this afternoon. There were two, sisters, avaliable. I chose the more petite of the two ( I know, I know, less room for udder space, but she was very satisfactory in every other way and with the two other does, I wasn't too worried about 1/2 a quart here or there). The gal told me that their mama was milking just over a gallon/ day, and I got a chance to check her out, too. She was beautiful and had a very nice udder.

It was fun asking questions about the does, and specifically the breed, because I would ask the lady and she would glance down at her daughter, who would pipe up with a wealth of answers. She was shy, but VERY knowledgeable about the breed, and the two sisters in particular. Also a huge plus: they have a circuit of bucks that they take turns with during breeding season, and there are 'plenty to choose from', of registered LaMancha bucks. Since ours is registered, that means the kids are actually more valuable, and I am thinking I will try to get in line for the LaMancha bucks this fall.

'Rosemary' came home to join Penny and Belle, where she was re-named Reese in honor of my favorite candy. Penny and Belle were VERY wary of Reese, and huddled in the corner while Reese went to town on the feed. Reese is significantly smaller then the other two, though the same age, and I was concerned that she might not get her fair share of the feed. No such trouble tonight, but I will be watching to make sure they don't start ganging up on her. She looks so different then they do, that I think they are just really worried about where her ears are!

I like what I hear about the 4H program. I hope to get the kiddos involved when they are old enough.