Thursday, July 24, 2008

As requested

A picture of a variety of egg colors. This was the collection of eggs yesterday morning. There were several more in the evening, but still not a ton for the amount of hens we have mooching chicken scratch from us. I wonder where they are hiding them all...

Treating myself

Sometimes, I just want something more then a gross corn tortilla quesadilla for lunch. On most of those days, I just don't have anything. But on a few precious of those days, I choose to treat myself. Yesterday, I heated up the grill (yes, it was about 115* when I did this) and grilled a bunch of chicken, just for topping a salad. Lots of parmesean and ceasar dressing and cheese crisps. It was kind of silly to spend so much time on a salad, but it was good. I want one today, too.

Hidden costs

Today (as I was riding the Fraken-mower for *2* hours) it hit me that it costs nearly $9 to mow the lawn. $9. Ridiculous.