Thursday, April 17, 2008

Milk going in, Milk coming out

The best feedings today: Alec, 10 ounces. Dapper Dan, 4 ounces. Lady, 3-4 ounces.

Belle's (aprox.) total output: 3 1/2 quarts.

I would love to have a scale to weigh the milk on so I can keep an accurate record.


I am looking for a nice pieced quilt to put on our bed. I would love to make one, but my strengths don't lay in that category of craftiness, and the time involved would be enormous. I think it would be ideal to find one that was a King, but otherwise just something piecey and pretty that I could doctor to fit our bed.

Slowly I am trying to brighten/ lighten up our bedroom from a darker more formal feel to a brighter more cheerful feel. The curtains I made the other day help enormously.

A little of Everything

I like that we gotten experiences with many different animals. I have learned so much about life and have gained much more appreciation for the beauty and functionality of their existance.

Tonight, we went to the Cole Family Ranch and picked out a couple of piglets. I was kind of expecting something sweet and Wilbur-ish, but what he had ( 9 weeks old, eating solids) were about the size of Buddy-boy. Somehow, though, there was about 25 more pounds packed on their frame then Buddy has on his. Raising pigs seems very cost effective from what I can tell and I am eager to see how it goes. We picked out a little girl and so did the Lawlors. I wanted to get one other one but I had a budget in cash and was short the cost of two. Still, though, he had plenty to chose from and I might go back. He informed us (not in a con-artist way, he was totally LDS) that they grow faster if there are two or more, since they run and fight to get to the food, whereas with one they lazily browse throughout the day.

Eventually, I hope that we have had a bit of experience with everything feasible so we can tell what we like raising the best, or what is the most cost effective, etc. Then, we can have a few animals and barter for what we need/ want that we don't have.