Friday, July 17, 2009

Meet the herd

Nadeyus: 26 year old purebred Arabian, chestnut. Nariadni son. Prize winner, shown English hunt-seat, some retired to be our kid's horse, loving baths every week, slow trail rides and senior food.

Nevada's Lucky Gamble: 5 year old bay arab/QH. Rescued from a feedlot in Nevada, brought to AZ and brought back to health. Started on groundwork at the rescue. After adopting her and building a friendship with her, we've started work under saddle and she's coming along so well. Has agility and power...hope to run gymkhana events with her in the future.

Bentley: 15 year old APHA solid palmomino. Curious, powerful and a little lazy. Loves baths, treats, and walking slow. Loves the round pen and hauling kids around. Hadn't been worked much in recent years before we got him so we're refreshing him on just about everything. Not quite as bad as starting from scratch. Big friendly giant.