Monday, July 21, 2008

White egg

Of the 4 leghorns we got several months back, 1 died (drown in the cow water) 2 are roosters, and one has started laying! It's been a long time since we had white eggs, and I have to say, it's fun for a change. We're back to having 3 colors (in their varrying shades): white, brown, and green.

Craft Show

Snowflake was dang hot, I gotta say. I was hoping for some relief, but it was still upper 90s the whole time (when it wasn't raining). Despite the heat, a bunch of people came out between the the two days, and we far surpassed our booth fee. Lots of vendors I talked to had really low/ slow sales, and I felt kind of bad for them; I think we stopped everyone at our 'shop' and they spent all their $$ with us, so they had nothing left for the others. ;)

I got pretty sick half way through the trip, but somehow was able to grimace gracefully enough not to scare people away.

I also made a lot of useful contacts, in particular a gal who was interested in putting the soaps in her gift baskets she does for her business, and a gal who makes custom cakes ('Anything you want, I can make!') that would come in handy for SIL's party business.

I missed the rodeo on Saturday 'cuz I felt pretty bad, but I hear it was awesome. Bummer; but I'll make it next year.

Can you see our booth? Look for the shiney soap barn....

Lots of moms were excited when I mentioned I used the soaps on my babies.....I did explain they were NOT tear-free, though, so to keep them away from their face. Still, it was novel to many that you could use soap on a baby....

A very satisfied customer leaving our booth..... ;)