Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Darn dogs

So, this morning, I looked out to see our black duck, Quack, looking very lonely and lost.  It took a minute for me to realize why he looked so strange.....he was missing his best friend, Edward.  :(  I looked all over the yard and Edward was nowhere to be found.  Giselle was sitting on her nest still (thank goodness!), but Edward was for sure missing.  

A while back, some neighborhood dogs got a hold of an 'extra' rooster of ours and although I was a bit frustrated that they were roaming the neighborhood, I felt like it was my fault that the rooster was out of our fence at the time.  Sadly, though, they enjoyed the chase and kill and then just left it!  Didn't even eat it....what a waste of a life. 

I am pretty certain those same dogs are responsible for the disappearance of our gray and white crested duck, Edward.  A side gate was left open and so, again, I can't throw a fit about the roaming dogs since it was my fault they were able to get in.  I am just glad they didn't get our little mama duck....

I found Edward on a neighbor's lawn this afternoon, very dead,   and uneaten.  Just a mass of feathers and broken neck.  :(  Poor guy.  I really try not to get too attached to my farm animals, but some of them just have a personality and make me smile.  I'll admit to feeling a bit sad over Edward.... 

Friday, March 13, 2009

Sights that make me smile

Walking around this afternoon, I saw a few things that made me smile:

Delicate blossoms on my plum tree,
fragrant flowers on my orange tree,

a surprise purple iris,

adorable goat kids,

Giselle (our duck)'s nest,

and peaches growing on my brand new peach tree. (my Grandma reminded me the other day that I needed to thin my peaches. She was joking, of course, if I thin this little tree I would only have one peach on it. :) I'll let it do it's thing without thinning it this year. The other peach tree got a once-over with the 'rule of thumb' and I flicked off everything that was closer then my thumb knuckle together).

Monday, March 9, 2009

Belle's Kids

I guess Belle was a bit jealous that Penny looked so much more comfortable today then she did yesterday so she went and had her kids as well. 2 little girls and a boy. She is doing fine and the kids all seem to be happy, healthy and playful! Busy milking season ahead!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Penny's Kids

Penny had her kids this morning! 2 little bucklings, with the funniest ears ever! I guess that's what you get when you cross a Nubian with a Lamancha, though. :) They both seem to be doing just fine and Penny is being a very good mother.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Signs of Spring

Our Cottonwoods just burst!  Can't wait until they are completely leaved out; they will be gorgeous this year!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Cheese Crutons

I don't remember where I first saw this idea, so I can't give credit where it's due, but I LOVE these fried chesse 'crutons' and wanted to share the 'recipe'....You'll need: grated cheese. And a hot pan (I use my electric griddle).

When the pan is dancing-water hot, sprinkle a scant tablespoon of cheese in little piles. Let it sizzle for a few minutes, and when it starts to brown and look less wet, use a spatula to peel it up in a flat disc. Turn it over and use a fork or other utinsil to make a 'bowtie' in the middle by pinching the center together. Let it sizzle another minute and then set it aside on a papertowel until you're ready to eat them. I usually make about twice as many as I think I will want, because I end up eating about 50% of them while I'm cooking them. :)