Friday, May 30, 2008

More chicks

The Jersey hatched 3 more eggs yesterday. Brings our total to at least 13 for sure. Maybe more? Silly we paid for that many at the feed store this year!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Hidden Nest

As I was milking yesterday evening, I was very surprised to look up and see one of the GSL hens making her way across the yard with 7 chicks! She had a hidden nest somewhere, and hatched a clutch of eggs. Made me wonder how many eggs we were missing/ day and where the others were laying! Cute chicks, though.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Garden, update

Cucumbers have blossomed

Beans have blossomed

Tomatoes have really taken off, and there are lots of blossoms and several tomatoes in various stages of ripeness

The pumpkins are thriving in the area between the grapes

The lemongrass is (for now) planted in a pot next to the rosemary bush

Unrelated, the does are in heat. I wonder about breeding Reese next month so that our milk is staggered better?

Monday, May 19, 2008


The weather's hot enough to breed lots and lots of flies, but still not too hot for them to be uncomfortable and DIE. I really really want an air curtain for the back door. Another month, though, and it will be too hot....Thanks, Pancake.


After skimming and saving the cream from the tops of my bottles for the last week, I had about a pint and we tried our hands at making butter! Many many many cranks later (and with a little help from the Kitchenaid in the end) we ended up with about a half-pint of gorgeous pure white butter.

Also, DH made yummy lemon ice cream by trading the vanilla pudding we usually put in with lemon pudding, and 1/4 tsp of lemon extract.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Milk, check-in

2 gallons for the day. I gave about half of it to the kids, though, and they were grateful. The fridge is crammed with bottles and jars. I need to find someone to share it with soon, or I'll be feeding it to the pig.

Garden, check-in

The beans around the myrtle tree are thriving (extra water!) and are beginning to climb up the poles. The pumpkins came up about 5 days ago. The faith squash has about 5 giant blossoms on it (that showed up about 3 days ago).

I let the kids be with their moms yesterday evening, as it was storming and I didn't want to deal with milking in the rain.

The grass is not green.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Crying kids

I kept the kids separated from Penny and Belle all day/ last night. I kept checking on the kids, who were doing fine aside from crying LOUDLY everytime someone came near. At the evening milking, I gave them about 1/2 the pail full into a bowl to drink. They were moderately intrested, but mostly just really sad. Gotta happen sometime.

Still haven't checked on them this AM, but I hear lots of crying so at least some of them made it. ;)

Different subject: one of Alec's horn scabs came off and is a little red. The others seem ok, although a couple look like they might not be complete. We'll see. At least they aren't supposed to be show animals. ;)

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Another Mama?

One of the Giants has gone broody. I wasn't sure until I reached in for the eggs under her and she gave my hand quite a harsh peck. So, she has moved into 'the nursery' with a clutch of 6 eggs. Not sure if any are actually fertilized, but at least this way she's not taking up nest space in the hen house....

Wildlife Update

Yesterday, I saw:

2 'wild' (meaning not ours) ducks, a male and female (Mallord?)

1 roadrunner, in the pasture

3 snakes on SB, all crossing from the field to our road.

Monday, May 5, 2008

In the Ground

I got the iris bulbs from my mom into the ground. It was a little later then I had wanted, but they still looked moist and fresh so I think they will be fine. I had lots of 'help' getting them burried and watered, but looking at the spot they are in, I am very satisfied with the project.

I used the other tree box for the onion starts. There was some mulch left from the iris planting and I mixed up the box full of mulch, compost, and spare dirt. The neighbor girl watched intently and then declared that the plants and the dirt stank. I guess it all depends on what you are used to. Smelled like planting to me.

Henny, as a Mama

Yellow Henny Penny hatched one other chick and is very proud of her 3 babies. I had a section 'fenced' off for her to keep them protected in, but she just ignores the fence of it and is guiding them around the yard. She is a great mama, and very protective of them. Anyone/thing that comes near, sets her 'clucking' and she fluffs up all her feathers to look bigger and more intimidiating. This morning, it was fun to watch as I was milking; she had the chicks around the hay and was teaching them to scratch around it. She accidently scratched one of the chicks and sent it flying.

Milk Production

Consistantly 1 gallon the last few days. It's just the right amount for us, and when the kids are weaned fully, I think I might have a some extra to sell or just stock up on for when the does are dry.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

(More) New Arrivals

Looks like we are boarding 2 does here until Monday. SIL bought the sister to our LaMancha, and a 3 year old Nubian, already in milk! Best part is, we drove 45 miles home with a full grown Nubain doe in the back of the van. She did well, though (aside from having to 'relieve' herself a couple times.). The LaMancha was transported by the same means, but it was a much shorter distance. Can you imagine if we had been pulled over???

Our new steer arrived today, also. He looks to be in great shape, albeit slightly scrawny. I am pretty sure we can take care of that, though; he is similar to Cherry and we beefed him up nicely.

Our Yellow Henny Penny successfully hatched two chicks today! There are still 7 eggs in the nest, but I am doubtful if the rest will hatch. They are both feather-footed, and darling.