Saturday, April 19, 2008

Hey, there, Lonely Girl

Pancake's pen was completed today (minus the water nozzle, but she can just drink from the water trough until the nozzle's installed), and she seems pretty happy with it. Only thing missing is a companion! She looks very small and all alone in that pen. It's been decided that we will most likely get another one this week.

DH built the shade structure for it and did a fantastic job. Pancake seems to be satisfied, and I think it will work well to keep her out of the sun and in the cool shade as much as possible.

Morning Weigh-in

An entire half-gallon (to the brim!!) of milk from Belle this morning. If she wasn't nursing the kids during the day, I am sure we would be getting a gallon a day, which seems on the higher end of average for her breed. I am thrilled!

Goat milk soap, here I come!

Caught off Guard; Poor Mathmatical Skills

I went to Joanne's with my SIL, looking for embroidery items (a skill I wanted to work on developing!). We got very excited near the entrance at some darling smocked fabrics that would whip out the cutest dresses, lickety-split. Strangely, they were sold by the inch, which fact I didn't really think about, since above that sign was the sign yelling '40% off!!!!'. We got enough to make about 8 dresses, and as I checked the ticket printed out at the cutting table, I about fell over. $113?? Oops.

We half-heartedly looked for the embroidery supplies, and I quickly picked up the basics for starting a couple projects. The store announced it was now closed, so we paid and left.

I was sweetly gifted new scissors, which will be put to good use. The fabrics are darling, and I am excited to make up the dresses (3 different fabrics for the girls, 1 for me!), but I was a little let down as I considered the expense. I guess I am used to looking at prices/ yard. These had better be the most dang cute dresses ever to be worn by women. If not, I have something to answer to; DH took one disgusted look and said, 'What's that?'. 'Material for making a dress!'. 'A what?'.......