Friday, April 25, 2008


Little Blackie seems to be doing better; moving around more smoothly, and I have seen him nursing more and more.

The grass is sending up spinwheels enough that I have to mow once a week, but the blades of grass itself isn't actually really growing much. We only have it set to water twice a week, so I think it may need a couple more days of water.

The pole beans have far surpassed the slow sunflowers, now. The seeds that have come up so far are: Cantalope, cucumbers, beans (pole and bush), chives, sunflowers, sweet peas. Still to come up are the pumpkins we planted on Saturday.

I dug up a wheelbarrow full of compost from deep underneath the pile and dumped it into one of the tree boxes in the garden area. After breaking it all up, I dumped some worms in and I hope they make some good dirt.


Krystall said...

Our pole bean seeds were growing but never came up- I don't think they will at this point... :(

Congrats on your growing garden!