Friday, April 11, 2008

Stages of Life

Penny and Belle are looking so big and uncomfortable. I keep thinking they will kid any day, but especially this morning when they refused to eat. Penny was walking around with an extra 'sway', Belle was laying completly on her side and 'moaning', and gnashing her teeth. I have been on kid watch all day, but nothing yet. They haven't finished this morning's feed yet.

All 4 turkeys and 3 ducklings are growing well. The white turkey, though, has a serious twitch and I don't know how long it will live. For sure that one will be eaten. The ducks, which were the same size as the poults when we got them, have far surpassed them now, and are drinking about a gallon and a half of water/ day. I'm going to try to make something for them to use in the chicken coop. They aren't big enough or feathered enough to be out and about just yet, but the hutch is looking cramped.

Our laying hen census includes:

2 light brahmas
3 gold sex-linked
2 jersey giants
1 barred rock
1 rir
1 americauna
1 buff orpington

The orpington has gone broody in the last couple days, so I moved her to a more solitary spot out of the other hen's way. She has, I think, 9 eggs. Don't know how many are fertile, though.
There are also 9 or so teenagers running around, including: 2 barred rocks, 3 brown leghorns, and a few australorps. Besides our Silkie rooster, my favorite chicken is the runt barred rock. Her first day out in the yard, she got trapped under some wood and hurt her leg. I resuced her and stopped the bleeding on her leg. Since then, she runs up to me and follows me around in the yard. I have named her 'Rocky' (after her breed, and the blood).

Apricots, peaches, tangelos, oranges, apples and lemons are in varrying stages of growth. Only the plum tree did not flower this year, but it's its first year in the ground, so I don't expect too much of it. It did add about 8 inches of growth, which I am happy with.

The first of the sunflowers are up, first noticed last night. By lunchtime, there were about 10. Also, the sweet peas just poked through the dirt this morning.

My chives did not come up yet, or the basil.


Sonja said...

This is a Great blog, and a great idea. Congratulations! The dish you found on freecycle is very nice and right up your alley. I think you will like freecycle. I'll bet grandma gwen would like to read this blog, too. Great background photo, by the way.

Krystall said...

I love all the things growing in your yard. You truly are using what you have and it's inspiring! :)