Monday, April 28, 2008


Wildlife seen here:

hawks (not so many recently, but they used to LOVE watching the chicken coop)
western shovel-nosed snake (in the FRONT ROOM! Yikes!)
100s of cottontails
geese (wild)
ducks (wild)
gophers (does that count as 'wildlife'?)
mice (ick)
burrowing owl(s?)
great horned owl (landed on the back porch and watched us through the window!)
many small birds of which I don't know all the names

Plenty of black widows, brown spiders (scientific, I know), FLIES, and the occasional camel spider (which do bite, I learned. Owie.)


Krystall said...

I HATE those camel spiders, theu are so fast and scary and now they can bite too! I never heard about the snake in the frontroom!

Sonja said...

The story of the great horned owl is perhaps my favorite of all the farm wild animal stories. That is one to savor.