Monday, May 5, 2008

Henny, as a Mama

Yellow Henny Penny hatched one other chick and is very proud of her 3 babies. I had a section 'fenced' off for her to keep them protected in, but she just ignores the fence of it and is guiding them around the yard. She is a great mama, and very protective of them. Anyone/thing that comes near, sets her 'clucking' and she fluffs up all her feathers to look bigger and more intimidiating. This morning, it was fun to watch as I was milking; she had the chicks around the hay and was teaching them to scratch around it. She accidently scratched one of the chicks and sent it flying.


Krystall said...

I love seeing my hen when she's a mama! It's so fun! I've seen Snowbell accidentally do that too!