Monday, August 11, 2008

Random bits

When DD went out to feed the goats, she discovered a new mother hen. I am torn between being enchanted with these sweet mother hens and their little fluff-ball chicks and being very cross that they are hiding their eggs from me! We have no fewer then 30 chickens in our yard, and an average of about 4 eggs a day. That just isn't fair. At least this new mother's efforts paid off; our Jersey Giant has been setting for over a month now on a nest of duds. ;)

Our 'little' Pancake is getting huge! I have read that they can gain a pound a day at this point, though I am sure that is under ideal conditions with primo feed (which she isn't getting!). She's doing ok on the table scraps and hog grower, though, and I'm happy enough with the weight she's put on. I see a Christmas ham in our future....

And, lastly, another gorgeous sunset.


Krystall said...

Love the chicks!! Bacon's getting huge too- we were just discussing when it's time to call the butcher!

Sonja said...

You do amazing things with the photos you take involving light in various ways -- they always seem to focus on light coming out of dark -- that is a great life's perspective to have.