Saturday, October 4, 2008

Just sad

I noticed this sign at the gas pump today.  It's amazing that 5 years ago, $100 meant something different.  It meant a few gallons of paint and some trim to update a room in your house.  Or it meant several weeks worth of food.  It meant your electric bill or your car payment.  It meant a trip out of town for a day or two.  Today, it means a tank of gas.  

Wow, how lucky I felt as my tank topped off under the $100 max.  Yeah.  Lucky. 


Sonja said...

I am glad/sad you have documented this for your kids to see later. I wish I had documented how "terrible" it was when gas went over $1/gallon and gas pumps all had to be replaced so that they would register the correct amount.

Summer said...

You are lucky, prices are coming back down, thank heavens, but at the height, we'd pay nearly $200 for a tank of diesel gas (44 gallons). Ouch!