Monday, October 20, 2008


I was surprised to see more chicks the other day.  Apparently one of our Leghorns (notoriously non-broody) decided to hatch a nest.  One day, she was walking around with 4 chicks and the next day, there were 3 more for a total of 7 little leghorn chicks!  They are darling, but I am surprised to see them at all!  

Also, we realized that our duck has been laying eggs.  I noticed a particularly 'dirty' looking egg a week or so ago, and mentioned to DH how thick the shell was on those off white eggs.  After eating them for a week, and doing a bit of research, we came to the conclusion that those are the duck eggs.  How neat!  I want to save them up for baking; I read they are wonderful for that!


Sonja said...

Hurrah for both duck eggs and chicks! Both are neat. The leghorns are a surprise to me -- I didn't think you had a rooster left. Now it's really too bad you don't have a drake so that you would have ducklings and chicklings!

Krystall said...

She has two drakes. She could probably hatch some under a hen. I've been thinking of it myself... :)