Thursday, November 20, 2008

More Fall

Only 2 of my cottonwood trees have decided it's fall. The others are stubbornly holding onto their lush green leaves. The two that have changed are beautiful, though, and I hope the other soon follow so I can have the full 'Fall' effect. Right now, it looks a bit odd. ;)

The lemon tree I planted last Spring has gone crazy and there are TONS of lemons. I'm really excited to have them, although there are few things I use lemons for. I'll be picking up some new lemon recipes, I'm sure.

My 3.5 year old tangelo tree has finally put out some fruit, and while it looks to be on the small side, I think it will be edible and is on track to be ripe in a month or so.

It's so nice to see some trees giving back (in fruit or shade or whatever) after all the work, money and care that's gone into them!

(and a sidenote: it was a record high for yesterday's date; 87* in town, and about 85* here. 84* predicted for today.....ugh.)


Katie said...

It is currently 48 degrees here...

Katrina said...

Your property is gorgeous!!! In my dreams I have something like that too. :) Such yummy produce you're getting too! I love the leaves changing color. That's the best thing about fall, next to the weather cooling.

Sonja said...

The tangelos look great, actually! Be sure they get fertilizer every 4 months next year (beginning in January) and they will give you whoppers big as Burger King's next year -- promise!

And the deal with your cottonwoods is that the two that are yellow came from the same parent cutting -- sort of clones. Watch and see which others turn at the same time and they, too will be clones of each other. Recall, for instance, that only one of the trees has the rough bark. I find that kind of stuff fascinating.

Krystall said...

That's really cool Sonja- I never would have thought of that! And are you supposed to fertilize all citrus trees every four months?