Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Special Delivery

This evening, Penny had her babies. I was able to call my SIL in time and she came just in time to assist me in delivering the first one, since Penny was having a hard time. The poor kid was trying to come out all hooves first! It just wasn't budging, so with SIL holding Penny as still as she could, I gently pushed the kid back in and rearranged the legs and face so that it would come out front feet first, then head, then body, back legs, etc. I have no idea if I did it 'right', but I was pretty proud of myself for getting it so Penny could get the baby out. I guess I did it right in the fact that the baby came, and was alive and not too traumatized.

The second was easier, and after a good toweling-off, Penny showed mild interest and let them figure out how to nurse. Not quite as good of a mama off the bat as Belle was, but she'll get it. I'm so proud of our little 'herd'. I hope there's a big market of whethers, though!