Monday, April 14, 2008

Curbing the Impulse (purchase!)

Even though DH has said time and again what a pain those reusable shopping bags are for the baggers to fill, I went ahead and got some. I know it seems counter-productive (saving the environment and all) to buy bags vs. making, but they were $1 and my time and fabric were well worth it.

I had to get some things at the store this morning, and set a '3 bag limit' for myself. I kept thinking about what I could get to fit into those 3 bags I had. I passed up on a LOT of impulse items, knowing that I needed the room in the bags for other VIP items.

Also, I had cash today, and I kept very close track of what everything cost so I would avoid extreme embarassment at the checkout if I were to come up short. Normally, a few ($5, $10, even $15) dollars over I wasn't too worried about, but I didn't even have a back up card with me.

These are interesting findings....I might try again. ;)


Sonja said...

The really fun thing about missing a few days with this blog is then I gets LOTS of great things to read at one time. I am very impressed with your recycle grocery bags. And even more impressed than that with your ability to curb impulse purchases. I have been a little lax in that department lately. And congratulations on the goat milking! Add that to the never ending list of things that you do better than I do!

Katie said...

I absolutely love my reusable bags from Albertson's. I can normally fit a week's worth of groceries (minus the milk) in two bags. They are so much easier to carry, since I often take the bus or my scooter, and I love not having the plastic bags collect under my sink. I think I have a total of five bags, but I have never used more than four and rarely use three at a time. The Albertson's checkers are fine with my bags, and I use the self-checkout and bag the groceries myself at other stores.