Monday, April 14, 2008

Getting used to each other

Even though we had the 'girls' on the milking stand about once a day for the past couple weeks, it is still a challenge getting Belle to stand still. She has kicked, stomped, bucked, and knocked over, stepped in, and completely mocked the milk pail....I might be getting a hobble until we get better at this.

Her udder is filling out well, but her teats are very small (as compared to my only other experience with milking a goat) which makes getting ahold of her pretty difficult. I am hoping over the next couple days she will fill up even more which will help.

The little doeling seems to be doing ok, yesterday we made sure she had a few sessions with exclusive feeding rights without her brothers pushing her out of the way.

We are down to one turkey. The fatality rate at the Funny Farm is depressing.